Steps on how to clean your PC Fns

It is essential to clean your computer regularly to keep it operating smoothly. Cleaning your computer goes beyond deleting and transferring large files to external hard drives. It would help if you also clean your computer’s fans. Your computer may perform down if there is too much dirt and dust on its fans. Worse, it might overheat. If your computer heats up and doesn’t cool off, internal parts may be damaged.
Clean Your PC Fans

When turned on, the computer will warm up almost all of its internal hardware. The fan keeps high temperatures and high frequency low enough not to cause damage to your computer.



  1. Your computer should be turned off.
  2. Terminate your computer’s surge protector and electrical outlet.
  3. The computer case can be opened.
  4. You can dust the internal parts with compressed air, but keep your hands away from the processors, memory, expansion cards, and motherboard.
  5. Use compressed air or an electrical vacuum to clean dust from your PC fans. Be careful not to break the fragile blades. While using compressed air, hold the fan blade with your finger. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the blades.

Your computer will stay clean by being cleaned every six to twelve months to prevent dirt and dust from building up and causing it to heat up or become damaged. Your computer will not overheat if you keep a regular cleaning schedule. However, you’ll be able to identify any parts that may be worn down and need to be replaced before too much is too late.