Checklist for Computer Maintenance

Your computer is a sophisticated and costly machine. You’re probably reliant on it as well, and your life would most likely fall apart if you didn’t have it. When you rely on anything, you need to ensure it’s in good working order. Computer Revival provides this basic computer maintenance checklist to help you keep your computer in the best possible shape.

Bust the Dust

A computer’s deadliest enemy is dust, and it can cause significant havoc if it gets to get inside. At least once a week, we recommend utilizing a commercial, pressurized air cleaner to eliminate dust. Make sure to clean the fan because there is where the majority of the dust will be found.

Externals are spotless.

Although you should avoid contacting your monitor with your sticky, oily fingertips, it will nonetheless become dirty over time. Smudge will irritate you and make things tough to see. Once a week, wipe down your monitor with a soft cloth and cleaning solution.

Virus scanning should be performed.

Virus scanning is one of the most important aspects of computer upkeep, and it should not be overlooked. Viruses will degrade your computer’s performance and may even lead to more serious issues such as identity theft. Ensure your anti-virus software is updated and regularly conduct a comprehensive system scan.

Uninstall any programs that are no longer in use.