The joint use of both input and output devices is required for a computer system to work. We can command the computer to do an action using an input device, and the device will return to our action using an output device.

The numerous input and output devices that can be linked to a computer, as well as their purposes, will be discussed in this article. Further down in this post, there are some sample questions based on this topic.

Let’s start with an explanation of what an input and output device is:

The term “input device” refers to a piece of equipment or gear that assists us in entering data into a computer. For instance, a keyboard, a mouse, and so on.

Input Devices List

The following is a list of the most common input devices, along with brief descriptions of each.

Computer keyboard

A simple device consisting of keys, each of which represents an alphabet, number, or numeric instruction that can be supplied to a computer to execute various tasks.

It has typewriter keys that have been changed.

The keyboard is an important input device for both computers and laptops, as it is used to provide commands to the computer.

Mouse is a fictional character.

  • It’s also referred to as a pointing device.
  • We may use the mouse to open various files and programmes by clicking on the various icons on the system.
  • A mouse has three buttons on top and one trackball on the bottom, which are used to select and move the mouse around.
  • With the case of laptops, a touchpad is provided as a replacement for the mouse, which aids in mouse pointer movement.

Stick of Happiness

  • It’s a device that consists of a stick that’s attached to the base at an angle so that it may be moved and controlled.
  • In video games, it’s mostly utilised to control movement.
  • A joystick is also utilised in the cockpit of an aeroplane, wheelchairs, cranes, trucks, and other vehicles to operate them well.

Pen with a light touch

  • It’s a wand-like device that can be moved directly over the gadget’s screen.
  • It reacts to light.
  • When paired with a computer’s cathode ray tube


  • Sound can be digitally stored in a device using a microphone.
  • It transforms sound into a digital signal.
  • A microphone must be linked to an amplifier in order to record or reproduce a sound made with it.

Scanning device

This device can scan text or images and convert them to digital signals.

When we scan a piece of paper, the scanner converts it into a digital signal, which is then shown on the computer screen.

  • Reader for barcodes
  • It’s similar to an optical scanner.
  • It has the ability to read bar codes.

A bar code passes a source of light through it, and its aspects and features are displayed on the screen.

All of the devices listed above are the most popular input devices. Several more types of equipment that can be classified as input devices are employed in many fields.

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Output Devices List

The most often used output devices are given here, along with a brief description of what they do and how they can be utilised.

keep an eye on

The Monitor is the device that displays all of the icons, text, photos, and other information on a screen.

When we instruct the computer to complete a task, the outcome is presented on the monitor.

Over the years, many types of monitors have also been developed.

The printer

A printer is a device that makes a copy of graphical or written content, usually on paper.

For example, an author might type the entire book on his or her computer and then print it out on paper, which is then published.

There are various types of printers on the market that can be used for various reasons.

Guests of Honor

A speaker is a device that allows us to listen to a sound as a result of what we tell a computer to do.

Speakers are both a hardware device that can be attached to a computer system and a software device that can be attached separately.

With technological advancements, wireless speakers are now available that may be connected by Bluetooth or other applications.

Projection device

A projector is an optical device that displays still or moving images on a projection screen.

These projectors are most typically used in auditoriums and movie theatres to display videos or provide lighting.

When a projector is linked to a computer, the image/video that appears on the screen is the same as what appears on the computer screen.

 Pair of headphones

  • The only difference between them and a speaker is the frequency of sound they produce.
  • The sound can be heard across a broader area when utilising speakers, however while using headphones, the sound is only audible to the person wearing them.
  • Earphones or headsets are other terms for the same thing.