Thinking about QR barcodes or developing mobile sites?

QR barcodes are those square, checkerboard symbols you see cropping up everywhere. Phone apps like QRdvark scan QR symbols and react to what’s inside. Think of them as macros for your phone.

Want to make your own QR symbols for free? You’ve come to the right place.

foneFrame logofoneFrame is an HTML5 mobile web template used to make web pages for smartphones like Android and iPhones.

Download the free open source version of foneFrame or buy the full version with all the bells & whistles for $59.

The full version shows you how to embed Google Maps and Google Calendars in mobile pages, create photo galleries with thumbnail navigation, and create a number different page layouts like FAQs by applying various styles.

Display HTML5, RSS, and XML files using the foneFrame style sheet. Attaching the CSS3 file to an RSS file creates a feed with style.

QRdvark is a free Android app that scans QR barcodes. But that’s not all it does. QRdvark acts intuitively to what you scan. Scan a URL, it goes there. If the QR references a video or audio file, QRdvark plays it. Look for it in the Android market.