Ask a technician how long it takes to repair a computer

Computer users are bound to encounter at least one error during their lives. Although laptop and desktop computers may last a long time, the entire computer might stop working if one component fails. These problems may lead to you sending your laptop or desktop computer in for repair.
Although most people can use various techniques, they may need help to repair or maintain their PC hardware. This is why people often ask questions about repair speed and whether it can be done in a hurry.

Your computer repair time will vary depending on which part is damaged. It may be more challenging to repair or take longer to diagnose the problem. It can help you understand the computer repair process and how long it will take to fix your computer. This article will discuss the typical repair time for a computer and the various factors affecting its completion.

Our computer repair process

Computer repair goes beyond just putting things back together. We also use spare parts and components to repair and test the computers. This involves many diagnostic tests and waiting for those tests to be completed. We also test the parts of the computer before and during the repair.

1. Before you repair

Multiple tests are necessary to determine the root cause of the issue. Numerous tests can also identify and correct intermittent problems that one test may not detect.

Initial tests are performed on any problem areas reported to us. We can pinpoint the problem and then focus our attention on it. If the laptop stops working, the problem could be due to a malfunctioning motherboard or hard drive.

We can then run more detailed tests to diagnose the problem. This involves removing the affected part and running hardware analysis software on a separate computer. This eliminates any other factors that could affect the hardware diagnosis. Sometimes, we may also swap out damaged parts with available spares to confirm the problem via elimination. Check out our guides on the motherboard and hard drive failures.

2. Backup of data

Backups or data recovery are required for repairs that involve storage drives. Backups to external hard drives can be time-consuming when installing a new drive. This includes repairs for hard drive failures, liquid spillage damage, and SSD upgrades.

To ensure that files can be used again, backups will be necessary before we install the OS on the new drive. In some cases, data backup and OS installation may be required. Transferring data between storage devices can take time and may be more difficult if there is data recovery. We can help you recover your data from a damaged drive, but we cannot guarantee it.

3. Parts that are damaged or need to be replaced

Once the problem has been diagnosed, the next step is to find the right solution. Although some diagnostic software may be able to fix the problem, it is not always reliable or long-lasting. The software can sometimes fix bad sectors on hard drives but can fail. A drive replacement could be a better option than a quick fix that may only last a few months.

You can then order replacement parts online according to the correct part number. Compatible replacement parts will only be required for different laptops or desktop computers. These parts can be identified by matching part numbers or inspecting for identical ones if they aren’t available. We will need to search for compatible models if the model we are looking for is not available. We are skilled in finding the correct replacement parts. Suppliers are also beneficial.

4. Repairing and replacing defective parts

We will determine the best repair option for your device based on the type of repair. Some repairs, such as SSD upgrades or hard drive replacements, can be completed quickly.

It is more challenging to replace delicate parts like the motherboard and screen because they are more fragile. Screen replacements require removing the damaged screen from the laptop and putting it back together. Other components must be removed and reconnected after the motherboard has been replaced.

We must ensure that the computer works correctly after installing new hardware. New OS installation is required for repairs that need boot drives. Next, we can perform further tests to ensure the repair went smoothly.

5. After repair, test

The computer might work fine after installing replacement parts or new parts. However, final thorough tests can reveal errors or failures that were missed. We can ensure that intermittent problems don’t occur again by running extensive tests. The computer passes these final tests.

Many factors can affect the time it takes to fix a computer.

Diagnostic tests are performed for a maximum of 30 minutes.

We run multiple tests before and during the repair of your computer to ensure that any problems are correctly identified and corrected. This allows us to detect and fix issues that may not be immediately apparent.

These tests take a lot of time due to in-depth testing. Let’s say we are testing for RAM problems. Each test can take up to 30 minutes.

Complex drive diagnostics, for example, can take up to an entire night and require constant attention. Sometimes the test will pause and not respond to our attention. These extensive tests are what allow us to deliver the correct result.

Delivery and accessibility to parts

Sometimes it can be challenging to find replacement parts for specific models of computers. It all depends on the availability of replacement parts from a supplier and their compatibility with other models.

Part numbers for brand-named parts of Apple, HP, and Dell are easily accessible from a public search system. You can also find compatible alternatives and comparisons depending on the computer model. This allows for a more straightforward ordering process with a hardware supplier.

Apple is the most well-known computer brand and has an extensive spare parts inventory. Apple computers are also easier to repair.

However, Acer, Asus, and Toshiba don’t have a standard part number lookup system. It is difficult to locate components using a single part number. Therefore, it takes some digging to find the correct one. We can only visually inspect the part to find the right part. It takes an expert technician to do this.

We try to find a compatible replacement for branded parts that are out of stock or on the market. Even if the domain is from the same manufacturer, not all replacement parts can be used on every model. To ensure that the correct part is used, it is crucial to match the frequency of the RAM chips. An 1133 MHz RAM cannot be used instead of a 1066mHz RAM. The right part can be replaced with a bit of patience and experience.

Like most items ordered online, delivery of replacement parts may take some time. They can arrive in 2-5 business days or 1-2 days if you order express delivery. We take into consideration delays and incorrect or faulty parts delivery.

Specific computer models are repairable.

These newer models are sleeker and fancier than ever before. The computer’s repairability is reduced due to this slim design. This needs to bode better for the customer. This design needs to make it easier for repair technicians.

These thin designs are often used to glue items together instead of screws. It is more difficult to disassemble things for replacement. Screen repairs are possible on some computer models, such as the iMac. The screen is glued to the aluminum casing. Replace the screen, and it will require more effort and care.

It is also difficult to repair other parts, such as the butterfly keyboard for Apple Macbook Air or Macbook Pro laptops. The keyboard replacement requires the removal of different parts, such as the logic board. Although these advanced designs are more user-friendly, they can be challenging to repair.

Backup of data

Due to the large files and the connection interface used to transfer the data, data backup and restoration can take some time. To transfer data to hard drives, the SATA interface is used. Most data transfer devices and cables use a SATA-to-USB connection.

Although the USB interface is the fastest available, it does not offer the same transfer speed as a SATA connection. SATA transfers are up to 6GB/s, while USB speeds are up to 480MB/s. The speed at which data is transferred can significantly impact how long it takes to back up and restore data from a hard drive.

Human errors

While we may be experts in our field, mistakes can still happen. We are all human. Sometimes, errors in installation or the wrong type of repair can occur. They may require more time to fix. Sometimes, it is possible to damage something while trying to fix something. Sometimes, the wrong password may be given to us, and we can only complete the job once it’s corrected.

Most computer repairs take 1-7 business days, but weekends are not included. Data recovery may require longer turnaround times. We always allow time to correct delays or errors in delivery or repair. We cannot guarantee urgent maintenance because there are often multiple jobs.

Here are a few things to remember when you take your computer to a repair shop

Always keep a backup.

It doesn’t matter if your computer is working fine; having a backup of your storage drive is a brilliant idea. This backup can be on an external hard drive or a cloud-based storage provider. The more backups you have, the better. Backups are essential to protect your data from being lost or damaged in an unfortunate event like a computer crash. You can save time and cash by having a backup of your data.

Original software licenses and media for installation should be kept safe.

Although backups are an excellent way to keep your files safe and available, software on your computer will likely be lost if it crashes. Keeping your original software licenses, manuals, and installation CDs is a good idea. This will allow you to keep a backup of your software. If your OS has been reinstalled or installed, a new drive will enable you to install the software again.

A rental computer can be requested.

It can be challenging to leave your computer unattended for more than a few days, mainly if it is used for entertainment or work. You may request a rental computer to be used in the interim if you don’t have another computer.