How To Measure a Computer Screen?

A screen’s size is defined as the diagonal distance between its top and bottom corners. Screen measurements do not include the bezels. Screen size is measured by inches. It differs from screen resolution, which is calculated using pixels.

It is easy to determine any device’s screen size, including a tablet, monitor, laptop, or tablet. You can also search for the make and model of your device using any search engine. This will allow you to locate detailed specifications quickly.

If all else fails, there are two simple methods to measure the screen’s size.

First, you will need a measuring tape (or a meter ruler), but a half-meter ruler is also acceptable. This method involves measuring diagonally, starting at the top right corner and ending at the bottom left corner, or vice versa. The diagonal length will determine your display size between the top right corner and the bottom left or from the top left to the bottom right. Be aware that the casing or bezels around the screen should be measured differently than the screen.

This second method requires some mathematics. The Pythagorean theory is used in this method. The Pythagorean theory states that the sums of the Squares of the Base and Perpendicular in a right-angled triangle are equal to the Hypotenuse Square. This is, in this case, the diagonal length, also known as the size of the screen.

Measure the width of your screen, excluding the bezels. Next, apply the Pythagorean Theorem to find the sum of the squares. The square root of this sum is then calculated, and you will get the screen size.

This example should be helpful.

The screen’s height and width are 6.9 inches and 12.2 inches, respectively. To get the sum of 196.45, you first need to divide the height and width (47.61 and 48.84). The square root of this sum is 14.01 inches. The Dell Latitude E5440’s screen is advertised at 14 inches.

Notice: The second method is only as accurate as your measurement.

If you don’t want to do all these calculations, you can type “Pythagorean Theorem” on any search engine. This will bring up a calculator that will calculate Hypotenuse (in this instance, the size of your screen).