A Very Basic HTML5 Template

how to make an html5 site

This is a plain vanilla HTML5 template. Nothing pretty or fancy. It’s a barebones template that works and is standards compliant.

This is something you can use as a starting point when you begin to use HTML5. Obviously you’ll want to tear this apart and rebuild it the way you want.

Begin by seeing if your browser is HTML5 compliant.

building & verifying your pages

Here’s the HTML5 spec. W3C has issued their Mobile Web Application Best Practices.

This is the W3 validator. Start with the link checker. Among other things they offer a MobileOK Checker which, and I quote, Checks mobile-friendliness.

a few html5 tricks & tips

HTML5 Reset Stylesheet

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects a browser’s native features and offers control over your site regardless of a browser’s capabilities.

A silent web is a boring web. Want to listen to something? You’ll need to learn how to use audio in HTML5.

After you start trying to embed video in an HTML5 page with cross browser, multi-phone support you’ll appreciate this HTML5 video player comparison chart.