Mobile Website Design

You’re building a mobile site. Websites for smartphone users are different from sites for computer browsers. Build yours accordingly. Use your site on your phone. Use it on your friends’ phones. Eat your own dogfood. Use our free mobile website templates to help you get started.

Who are you building it for? The mobile landscape is fragmented: different devices running different software on different carriers. Are you targeting smart phones only? Android and iPhone only? Your target market (and their cell phones) dictate what you can and can’t do. Plan accordingly.

Under the hood XHTML & CSS3. No tables. UTF-8. Don’t assume Flash support. 20-25 kilobyte maximum page size. Two words: size and speed. Mobile pages are small so write concisely and put the best at the top of the screen. Buttons over text input. Navigation should include a back button because some phones don’t.

Mobile users want small chunks right now. So give it to them. Brand and sell along the way but if you don’t put what they want on their phone right now, they’ll find it somewhere else. (Hint: your competitors.)

Mobile is always with you, always online. Mobile is personal. Even if we have the same phone from the same carrier, our phones are different (or at least we treat them like they are). Mobile knows where it is and therefore is inherently local. Mobile devices are made to connect: to other phones, to websites, to media like video and audio, not to mention you@Facebook and you@Twitter et al.

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