Podcasts are RSS feeds that include audio and/or video.

In a podcast’s feed, each item has an entry:
<enclosure url="https://QRdvark.com/foobar.mp3" length="666" type="audio/mpeg"/>

WordPress has a how-to on creating podcasts within your WordPress blog.

You can listen to and subscribe to podcasts through the iTunes store. Apple provides documentation about podcasts relative to the iTunes Store.

RSSmachine is an RSS 2.0 template, 10 CSS style sheets, an XSL file, and an OPML file. Unlike other feeds, those made with RSSmachine are designed to reach mobile audiences.

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RSSmachine screenshot RSSmachine screenshot RSSmachine screenshot

Creative Commons LicenseRSSmachine is copyright 2011 Azalea Software, Inc. and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0)

You are encouraged to edit, tweak, update, improve, mashup, mix, and modify the files in RSSmachine all you want under the Creative Commons terms. Please do. We want you to. There are comments in the template code waiting for you.

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