You can make web pages for mobile phones using RSSmachine. RSSmachine creates RSS feeds with CSS style sheets that target mobile phones including smart phones like Android and iPhone.

Raw RSS feeds are ugly text. But if you add a style sheet to that feed, suddenly it becomes a web page for mobile phones. The trick is to use RSSmachine to make your feeds. Why? Most feeds don’t include a style sheet and our feeds do.

RSSmachine is an RSS 2.0 template, 10 CSS style sheets and XSL, XSD & OPML files. Unlike other feeds, those made with RSSmachine are designed to reach mobile audiences.

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RSSmachine screenshot RSSmachine screenshot RSSmachine screenshot

Special thanks and a shoutout to Rio Akasaka [] and Jay Whiting [] for their style sheet contributions.

Feeds are fast, flexible, and provide an online presence much like a micro blog or messaging system. Use your feed for news, links, and alerts. Link to audio or video and now your feed's a podcast. Submit your feed to aggregators and spread your message even further.

RSS is a poweful technology that while widely used is little understood. There are many creative things one can do with RSS. It’s our sincere hope that RSSmachine inspires others to play with RSS. Feedback, corrections, and suggestions for improvement are always appreciated.

Additional XML madness is being brewed up in our lab and you can expect further RSSmachine releases in the very near future.

Creative Commons LicenseRSSmachine is copyright 2011 Azalea Software, Inc. and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0)

If RSSmachine has been of use to you, please buy us a cup of coffee or chai, or better yet, a beer. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated.

You are encouraged to edit, tweak, update, improve, mashup, mix, and modify the files in RSSmachine all you want under the Creative Commons terms. Please do. We want you to. There are comments in the template code waiting for you.

Click here to learn how to host your new feed for free using Dropbox.

Run your feed through Feedburner to broadcast it. Make a Google Gadget too. And don’t forget to link to it from everywhere.

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