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Memorable quotes from #PHP
The End
<Kruge> Let's ask mwilson, he's the authority on this
<Kruge> mwilson: What is the truth of the matter?
<mwilson> the truth on this matter is you're a pathological contrarian, and there's not a position anyone could take where you wouldn't take the opposite. which is why no one takes you seriously in these engagements. you're also a wee bit of a cunt.
<Kruge> That is not true
<Kruge> I am a collossal cunt
<haro> cunts
<waxydock> and cause Im an idiot
<impl> fuck people
<impl> they dont deserve my attention
<Mrgoose> never heard of teamcity <Mrgoose> is that like geocities
<dylan-> like neo from the matrix, its "one" backwards
<lerk> jesus fuck, you guys are worthless
<hrtl> Not sure.. with limit 1 it returns 1 result instead of 5
<stutter> this channel has a disproportionately large number of assholes
<apathy-> well, i didn'y hiy hrtr <apathy-> ermegerdf
<stutter> though, i wish i could concealed carry, so i didnt have to go to the trouble of dis-arming before visiting my son's school

<Mrgoose> feti,
<Mrgoose> did i ever tell you that
<Mrgoose> you , lerk, impl, Shai-Tan and aka are my inspirations
<enigma-> you're all homo's LOL
<du> i dont often work from the database command line, but when i do... i do it in production
<Didgerama> I got given a little rubber dick that has a hole through, so you put it on the end of a straw and it looks icky :)
<Didgerama> I sucked dick all night long
<Didgerama> hm
<Didgerama> I really should have worded that better
<jhood> im not dumb. i can do html
<soul909> i know about arrays.. im a flash programmer
<RZA-Razor> <span class=&quot;font-weight:bold&quot;>
<RZA-Razor> I know css
<uberfry> i thought xml was made by ms?
<yaragn> ever seen that movie? The Matrix?
<yaragn> with those green lines of flying text?
<yaragn> *THAT'S* Perl
* Chriso nudges Shai-Tan
<-- Shai-Tan has kicked ass from #php (you came, I saw, I kicked ass)
<PS2-> i dont use a webserver i choose some IIS4
* Gary__ slaps apathy- around a bit with a rather large trout
--- arsemunch gives channel operator status to apathy-
<apathy-> Grin.
<Gary__> uh oh
* Hendrix` licks carkeys
<Hendrix`> err
<Hendrix`> wrong button
<-- nKrypteD1 has quit (Leaving)
--> nKrypteD1 (~nKrypteD1@rdu74-173-135.nc.rr.com) has joined #php
<nKrypteD1> ugh that was the wrong button
<GreatGRiM> this channel is a nightmare
<metateck> this has to be the least helpful channel on irc
<Smoked1> you guys are no help. Ima go to google again
Jan 14 09:22:21 <Cadesius> this chn was really NOT helpfull... : (
<bc> this channel is what turns straight men into emo crybabies
[Gibson] you guys are crazy
<snappy1> you fucking pieces of shit
<stan--> thanks jome, fuck you all, the rest.
<DrPoole> i hate you americans
Dec 10 20:48:06 <zeen`> bastards
<apathy-> you're all bastards
[Jan 31 12:59:26] <dgx> you guys are such fucking dorks
<carkeys> LordElph: in that interview i couldnt stop thinking about sucking your toes!
<[TN]FBMachine> i got kicked out of barnes and noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section
01:09 < omarx15> what's the difference between i386 and i686
Feb 05 13:59:17 <InkLaptop> Shai_Tan: what advantage does Opera have over pgsql?
--- Derick sets ban on *!*t7DS@*.user.veloxzone.com.br
<-- Derick has kicked Marido_de from #php (go fuck yourself)
<Shadda> $pancakes = array($eggs,$flour,$butter);
<Shadda> array_shuffle($pancakes);
<Shai-Tan> array_flip($pancakes);
<Shai-Tan> array_slice($pancakes);
<puppetry> Microsoft IRC
<puppetry> mIRC
<Shadda> sleep? I meant alone with ken and a blow torch
<Shadda> Ooo!
<Shadda>speaking of which
<Shadda> brb
<[|]> hey guys, what's that new php style to coding where you define vars before using them
Nov 20 15:45:27 <Shadda> Blood! Blood! Blood!
Nov 21 15:47:09 <Shai-Tan> BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD...
Nov 22 22:34:29 <grrbird> blood blood blood
<Shadda> im chattin it up with this chick from brazil.
<Shadda> ....atleast, i think it's a chick
<Evo|utioN> can i get a converter to change music into html codes???
<metateck> its jsut a 4 line script
<Shai-Tan> metateck: just /join #perl and paste, I will take a look at it
<metateck> thanks
-> metateck (metateck@x95-245.dhnet.ufl.edu) has joined #perl
$TheFile = &quot;current.news&quot;;
<metateck> $FilePointer = fopen ($TheFile, &quot;w&quot;);
<metateck> fwrite (current.news, &quot;$update&quot;);
<wolverian> that has so many things wrong I can't even begin to describe
<Shadda> he did it
<goog|e> heh
<noc`> lol
<Shai-Tan> pwned
<WhiteWolf> Next person to make a gramatical error looses at life.
<horros> Hot chicks? At Zend?
Dec 10 20:04:08 <sumsum> how do i make a table with 1 row on the left and 2 on the right?
<ron_frown> I was going to go over and assault his ass
<Ninwa> what's POF?
<Shai-Tan> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pof
<Ninwa> I've never heard that
<Ninwa> Source: Shai-Tan
--- qubot gives channel operator status to Shai-Tan
<Ninwa> shit
--- Shai-Tan sets ban on *!*@d14-69-38-157.try.wideopenwest.com
<-- smeghead has kicked Ninwa from #php (Banned)
<lastfutur> I'm the owner of a 8&quot; floppy!
<Dragnslcr> I got put in a closet for an entire day in middle school because a
kid said I stabbed him with a pen
<Rivalz> wait theres a manual?
<YorT> fucken uneducated ediot
<bad2da> remember never to post passwords at pastebin.com though
<deusprogr> Oh shit! I forgot about that.
<moos> when fopening a file, how do i get the name of the file?
<Ipnr2>thats a shame..php-nuke looks great to me
<Jimbn> -rwxrwxrwx <--- how do i get it to be drwx..etc
<_cheerio> i hate you guys
<XB23> i stored loads of values in md5 now i wanna put them as plain text but they wont decrypt
<DocSaintl> what the doctype declaration for php?
<socrazy> is xml better than UML?
<Shai-Tan>RocKo: what doctype are you using?
<HopeSeekr> you guys are bizarre
<`Sauron> Nail polish finally dried
<|scott|> fuck php i give up
<hendrix> jpre: nah it doesn't, but i don't make mstakes :)
<mundi> doesnt time start at 1972 ?
<Chillax> time to take my scooter for a ride, brb
<everybody> damn strange masturbation euphemisms
<Hendrix`> nicos, PHP is coded in C, not C++
<nicos> Hendrix_ no, C++ since we have classes.
<Shakkan> <-- gay
<Shakkan> fuck, wrong channel.
<buyaka> youd be surprise what cooking for a woman will get you
<mike_> STD's ?
<william> all the elite coders use frontpage
<resize2fs> retards
<dogboy>well, the manual is wrong
<`jaYPee> 1 % 10 = 0?
<Hendrix> 1 % 10 is 1
<`jaYPee> so is it 0?
<majik> does <br> take the align= attrib?
<KyleH> you absolute geeks!
<mofofo> shlt i hate stupid people
<frejo> microsoft could kill linux right now if the wanted to
<monkey-> Juso: eh.. IE doesn't disply anything. its the webserver
<doomgaze-> microsoft employ's good programmers
<Oern> how do I declare a variable as octagonal?
<Keiz> I thought 0==1
<MaxT> I don't use DNS; That's the whole reason I pointed it to my IP not a DNS server
<letterman> does php use javascript?
<apneaboy> god, you're a prick
<MaXxX_> GD has currently no GIF support. Will it read and process GIF images, however?
<torm> how doe sthe fucking php work with dreamweaver
(max|work): this channel has the combined iq of a fucking eggplant
<Jipavony> Oh boy I'll go to PHPBUILDER you lame bunch
<ThaNerd> ThaNerd: ok, I'll do that
<hackwrk> 1148 - The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version ::
<hackwrk> i don't get it
<mtgplanet> terminal?
<socrate33> 1% off of 1000 dollars. is that 10 cents?
is for end of line, what's for beginning of a line?
<iManDB> ASP is better
<Blue-Inf> useless fucks
<nForbes> my internet connection is down
<digitaldj> <? if (then = else { print yes }; ?> <digitaldj> why not this work!!!
<itzcraze> heh i dont use mysql i use phpmyadmin..
<pvenkman> making variable variables makes the language unreliabe
<Alden> Any girls in here want to chat with 25/n/nz
<zcro> rasmus lerdorf is a not to bright dude
<AlanerOk3> is there a way to get php to make a noise?
<Didgerama> are you paranoid about being called gay poole ?
<DrPoole> IM NOT GAY
<damell> oh u guys are uselss!
<r-c-e> hate it when you mispell a domain
<r-c-e> and then buy it
<r-c-e> i'm now the proud owner of namservers.net
<Didgerama> are you stupid ?
<@stupidnic> yes... yes I am
<jjh> the other kid was a complete jerk though and probably needed a bit of a stabbing.
<Da|GoTTi> i see the extensions in the usr/bin/perl
<lolvale> Where is Apache? And does Apache come with PHP?
<Hend-X> i don't maek mistakes
<nx00> how can i get the length of an array in php, myArray.length does not work
<kildal> hi.. i'm having a problem getting on internet..
<iamu> is uploading a file the same as uploading an image?
<butcher> $_POST does the opposite of $_GET right ?
<darklocas> heh, what manual ?
<Keizer> Dragnslcr: To me, I think a string is the code between { and ]
<SillyBee> bad2da: FUCK YOU AND THIS CHANNEL, you can shove it up your ass, you just made an enemy
<Broken_La> there is no way to use PHP mysql functions to write and read from a local file?! That's insane.
<sotto> anyone ever heard of PEAR?
<jpickard1> php is open source? i was unaware of this
<jhood> im not dumb. i can do html
<soul909> i know about arrays.. im a flash programmer
<sodeska> give me the url that yahoo goes to check everything
<sodeska> in other words, the index of the internet
15:06 -!- Katana` changed the topic of #php to: &laquo;feti&raquo; wow, nobody changed my topic. that's amazing. i don't see a stupid human quote up there.
15:05 <@feti> wow, nobody changed my topic. that's amazing. i don't see a stupid human quote up there.
<feti> Chriso: you don't know enough about PHP yet. ;)
<Chriso> I know its very similar to html
<TecR0c> how do you change the font colour in php
<crayola> anyone here happen to know how i can get the previous day's date using a dos batch file?
<McKeNzIe-> well.. the cart is working now
<McKeNzIe-> but updating dont work, or deleting of items
<ivgi> uhm, what do you mean as root?
<Epitafph> it's pretty sad how little progress the computer industry has made in 30 years.
<yaragn> i have to say, as amazing as my spelling and gramer is, i don't feel the need to correct people
<yaragn> ... you are saying while ($num_rows == $num_rows)
<Zephyon> then why is it not working!
<PS2-> i dont use a webserver i choose some IIS4
<digitok> which finger does a marriage/engagement ring go on a chick?
<taco_boy> left
<carkeys> then i woke up just after i pissed myself at about 3:15
<Trattz> well if i cant get help, no need for this chan to exist
<@apathy-> I could probably fit myself into a lady whale's lady bits
<schifo> well theres no bug in my code
<schifo> so it must be php's fault
<Satria> if i use array, my server will need to reboot repeatly
<echeese> Are there any coder chicks out there, that are from ontario, canada and are 15-17 years old that wanna go out
<zambaOSX> u guys scare me
<leterip> how does look to you guys?
<sombik> slasherx: you guys are a bunch of dumbshit nazi's ...
<timpayne> u guys are not funny
<PeshoKill> How big is a &quot;socket&quot;
<skizzles> How can I tx a csv to a cvs with an ftp over ssh with async tcp/ip from an IP6 based gw running 2.6.1 with PHP
<monkey`> jerks
<MagiKnigh> ok, is PHP the same as PHP-NUKE?
<kasia_> oh and... you're dummer than anyone in here.
<Donkano> HMetal: I don't got no fucking manual, so don't hand me that crap! I came here for assistance and I expect it.
<Katana`> you know what != means right ?
<enemysoft> sort of equal to
<c0ld> Anyone can tell me why my PHP sessions expire when users close their browser
<ChrisC35> I put --with-gd in my php.ini
<Dragnslcr> if (isset($_POST['buttonname'])) $somevar = &quot;foo&quot;;
<Gross> is there a non-js way you think?
<ajn_sleep> I don't care about scope
<KeX3> i'm on #php for gods sake, how many women do you expect me to bring home?
<Solet> the phpmanual has nothing useful on gd
<ftzdomino> this *has* to be a php bug.
<horros> ftzdomino: It works fine for me.
<Shai-Tan> jazzi: who cut your hair? #perl?
<bjm_> what's the downside to storing passwords, etc., in plaintext?
<aidan`> fuckers
<GreatGRiM> this channel is a nightmare
<lido``> is dreamweaver a good program to use when programming in PHP with OOP-style-programming
<aidan`>I hate you all
<Halo_Wn> nothing is wrong with america
<_Randall> all I ever see ppl type about #php is man they are so rude, well I'm glad you ppl think you know every thing
<MichaelW> you people are truly misinformed about the spamming community
<frisco> ok and whats does 'foo' mean ?
<Lazesharp> i managed to rm -rf /etc/*
<Lazesharp> jome: whatever you do, don't say &quot;look, it's either the cheap ass indian coders, or a professional swede&quot;
<ar1> C# is the best program for php?
<philo_> anyone know how to convert php to html?
<loufoque> you all just don't know about real programming, stay to your little php web apps.
<loufoque> Qube, how do you spell your name ?
<forsaken_> use linux to run dreamweaver, more speed i find
<luminerd> DrPoole, I have yet to find ANY good documentation on PHP
<DrPoole> i hate you americans
<DINO> what are those places called where parents put their children when they are at work.
<colin_> basement?
<DINO> what are those places called where parents put their children when they are at work.
<MagnumJoe> I saw on tv where movies coming out, availbe on DVD and PHP
<corky12> im looking for a php coder
<corky12> i cnt rly offer nefin im only 14
<SvX> hey all u guys are using netscape?
<ashraf_zi> hello wat the hell is happening ? when i paste the code i just kicked out of the channel
<sp0n9e> $25 * 1.5 = 62.50 last time i checked
< stan--> thanks jome, fuck you all, the rest.
<spx2> you guys here seem friendly
<crocough> i dont like the idea of having half baked program running on windows server
<KD-OG> is there a php center function for output?
<Vincey> is IE really picky about html?
<thun> im pretty good with google..
<moos> when fopening a file, how do i get the name of the file?
<kmg> you guys it's not the crusades, ok
<DekaPatro> i'm not a dickhead i'm just desperate for php help
<Cadesius> this chn was really NOT helpfull...
<Shai_Tan> Genia4: Alan Cox?
<Genia4> who's he?
<Macca>700mb == how many MB?
<Ipnr2>thats a shame..php-nuke looks great to me
<Jimbn> -rwxrwxrwx <--- how do i get it to be drwx..etc
<InkLaptop> Shai_Tan: what advantage does Opera have over pgsql?
< RobertW-> brb tornado
<kappa> is it just me or is php.net changed to spanish?
<illu> why is it important that i use these standards in developing professional technology
<erf> We can add &quot;Sports&quot; to the list of things swedes cant do
<kappa> is it just me or is php.net changed to spanish? <------ topic
<dany111> i learned php and sql in 2 weeks and now made my website with cpanel
<matstars> i would love to use PHP
<matstars> but im already using a submit button
<DJ_HaMsTa> phpinfo(); <-- is that a dos command ?
<PenguinZ> how do I disable fatal errors?
<+rza> whats wrong with fucking a transvestite?
< Narsissis> why dose everyone have tosay that cant ispell
<Tritian> is there an easy way to convert a decimal into a percentage.
<BramuS> any one knows how to enable posix on linux?
<sparkies> fucking lusers
<FFForever> that sql deleted EVERYTHING!, factor
<slacker_ vas:> and fuck you, by the way
<sp0n9e>triggers in php5 aren't complete (yet)
<temp1>Yahoo innovates
<Riddler_ >Does anyone know if I can convery HTML to an image?
<cssmotion> im smart, lol, i know php
<newport75> strings are so much easier in java
< poppabear> ssh is a java applet
<spooof> how big is a big .php file?
<applexdro> how do you center PHP echo statements
<Sugi-lapt> its amazing. i swear for whatever reason programmers are the most childish people ive EVER met
<|_Borg_|> good grief. u coders are all selfless asses I swear.
<@Droll> erf: That's because americans don't help.. they 'liberate'
< ogog> will variables work in dos?
<Jmax> how do i declare a variable as lexical?
<`Robert> cummed so much it went through my tissues...
<`Robert> oops wrong chan..
< dazed> does php support any other encrption methods like base64?
<Dev|anT> header(&quot;Location: javascript: history.go(-1)&quot;);
<demonic_> header(&quot;<style type='text/css'> p {color: red; font-size: 24; } </style>&quot;);
<icnocop> is HURD the most popular linux?
<bobby---> useless cunts.
<Kitt0s> fags
<Macca>risc ?
<freebasic> I'm gonna go learn PERL, fuck you
<VictorCL_> ascii? what do you mean
< runopen> shadda: what is an httpd anyway?
< imbroken> im sorry guys, but in someway you guys making a fool of me helped me figure it out
<Macca>who's eric meyer
<t0pP8uZz> hey guys how can i create a sql table named to the users ip address
<t0pP8uZz> is this &quot;$var !> 10&quot; vaid syntax, and means it IS NOT over 10?
<jon1>there shouldn't be anything wrong with the syntax, i grabed it from a sitepoint tutorial.
<VaxoP>i dont know what 'username' means
<AMrck> Will i need to upgrade PHP to run web 2.0?
<xptovar> Rejected but md5 can be decrypted
<_cheerio> i hate you guys
<XB23> i stored loads of values in md5 now i wanna put them as plain text but they wont decrypt
<Neeon> fopen($_GET['file'], 'r');
<sparkies> fucking lusers
sparkie you all suck.
<m308> 968 is not greater then or equal to 679
<Perfekt> u people are jerks
<form action=&quot;/usr/sbin/sendmail&quot; method=&quot;post&quot; name=&quot;pricing&quot; id=&quot;pricing&quot;>
<sharkmitr>is php as good as html?
<sharkmitr>html allows animated gifs which i feel makes it far superior to PHP
HOOOOOooo>Is phpmyadmin = PostgreSQL?
<Trancer>with 8 pints everything with a vagina is attractive
<feti>EGreg_: i just barfed up my hotdog after reading your code.
<Smong>you guys are pathetic
<Mishu> I am doing exec(&quot;http://someip:13013/cgi-bin/sendsms?username=abc&amp;password=abc&amp;to=14047881723&amp;text=Test&quot;)
<Ctech_mbp> apathy-: So that will leave just the <br></br>
<krupa^> hello all! amm, any idea how can i mail() with css?
<kurtis> Is there anyway to cycle my IDs in mysql so that way they will
all be put at the lowest number possible? (since I've been erasing some)
<poste9> kurtis TRUNCATE TABLE table_name
<kurtis> poste.... you just erased my table ;(
<WhiteWolf>most php programmers are cunts then
<rdehler> you guys are worthless
daradu> thanks for your tipp with rent-a-coder ... their prices are incredible
<theGZA> Anal Full Nelson 5 (2007) (2 CD)
<theGZA> oops
<Tetu> what is the advantage of using php over html ?
<O10xzz> ... that's usually acceptable, as most security problems are
alright by default.
<sarbo> worst. channel. ever.
<_cS> why in the hell would i lie on irc
<Craxors> CGI is more secure.
<bigLanky> what do i name the .htaccess ?
<jazzi> Fuck you all
<EvilAIM> anyone know why a .php can exec, but a .phps just shows the source?
<_Skudd> 0 % 5 != 0
<Shai_Tan> how many bytes in 20 meg
<gamed00d> 1048576
<B3N> gosh.. the mentality of this chan..
<c0m> *type
<whycome> you are people fucking retarded
<erf> One of my php scripts has failed for no reason
<GooseWork> i just bought an ipod!!
<GooseWork> i bought it from a deaf guy surprisingly
<GooseWork> he got it for christmas
<ndgophone> i love you gays
<NinjaSpac> you guys are fucking useless
[Two9A] ippo: What do these 500 columns contain?
[ippo] HTML
<thrilla> oh wow, silverlight apps are actually text files
<Byzia> fopen('https://www.paypal.com/account/stats.xml?user=byziajl@earthlink.net&amp;pass=wolfh0wl
<Byzia> err... oops
<mo]{44> you all are assholes
<deleet> wtf is a biro
<bluWater> someone like me who's a world renowned developer in many languages takes heat for dumbshits like you
<rhelic> I'm a DBA, I have't ran into a need to index yet
<Cviper> is there a php command for refresh? f5
<Legg> i'm surprised someone from croyden knows what php is
+<impl> % cat /proc/meminfo| grep 'MemTotal' | awk '{ print $2 / 1024; }'
<caution> will strtolower(ucfirst($str)) work?
<caution> cuz I tried it and it's just printing it all lowercase
<ebbtepid> i have $x = 2400000000; but i want to divide by 100, so i do $y = $x/100; the problem is that this comes out as 2.4E+6 ... why cant php divide big numbers?
<cheerio> i think id be much more likely to engage in sheep sex than male sex
<jedimind> my cousin was diagnosed w/ schizophrenia
<Biber> so you have more cousins now?
<context> you people need help
<badsign> fucking douchebags
* badsign has quit (Leaving)
<roasten> why should I want to use DOM when php can do it ?
<Agamemnus> who is rasmus?
<Mrgoose> anyone here get facials?
<diabolic> bunch of fuckheads
<DJ^Dan> yes _$POST... meh...
<prometh> you guys are fucking dickheads.
<RcRaCk> because everytime i get a 404 page it gives an error
<picasso> web devs dont understand things like variable scope
<litw> I am not using tags <litw> this is HTML
<@Rasmus> The Windows kids install the XAMP thing or whatever it is called
et> i dont need security.
<nowimprov> i'm still trying to ask heaika what one minus zero is
<Kasya> function md10($str) { return md5(md5($str)); }
<OnoSendi> Shai-Tan: I understand programming very well. I know mIRC script
<prada> it didnt work.. i think this is a bug
<sexyJ> what does the @ in front of a function mean?
<demonii> it's an email address
<flip_> wow this channel is like failzor
<[MISFIT]> im going to write a virus scanenr
@feti> Amazing how TWAT and MATT are anagrams.
Cri> I've done lots of programming. I have just never needed to use arrays
benkillin> acidjazz, cakephp isn't all that bloated, besides its far less bloated than phpmyadmin
<Keloran> i pass all my math to bcmath, because php is useless at it
<Shurik> is there &quot;unecho&quot; in php?
<[N]asser`> I was trying to avoid reading, but I guess I can't be helped
<sth> cypha: read the mysql docs
<cypha> phpmyadmin docs?
<cypha> they are rival databases, right
<sth> cypha: read the mysql docs
<cypha> phpmyadmin docs?
<impl> fucking Canadians
<aka-> Qube is such a cunt.
<ftzdomino> do people even use SELECT in mysql? i thought it was write-only
<aka-> fuck you guys are imature and stupid.
<nuts> I don't think the police would misuse my information
<YorT> i have deleted ALL my porn
<LuisTheDu> fuck you all, this is a really abd community full of ahh holes who dont know shit
<Hajuu> cmyk is the same as rgb, just with more colourful black
<Denicked> is there any php shells around? because with php, you basically have root access I realized
<Smong> so... where's that midget porn you promised me?
<Smong> err, wrong window
<EsteJames> fuck off, you guys are worthless
<SEOwm> then the channel should fix its elitest rules about limited question asking, fucking commies
<h1dd3n> ive read about cgi but seems to me it would be better to use ajax/json
<mwilson> blood blood blood
<Sha`Bren> impl: You have to use a real language to get bitwise operators, not PHP.
<Cydd> the worst thing about math is theres no creativity
<Kman> now i know why everybody goes to freenode.net #php
<Kman> you guys are all crack heads
<trultus-> hmm think i found an answer maybe, variable variables
<Jadenn> see what I mean ffs. You guys are the sorriest bunch of &quot;programmers&quot; ive ever seen
<DrPoole> i dont know if you guys know this, but im a miserable cunt
<DrPoole> and i hate everything
<apathy-> fairly sure thiw drunk is reserv3=d for ani`mal trisld
<zimler> php runs so fast
<zimler> is amayzing