QRdvark Testing Services

Testing Services

QRdvark offers active online testing of prospective programming candidates for many languages.

Tests may be arranged for a single, or multiple languages, with variable degrees of difficulty. Eg: You may be seeking a resource who is strong in PHP and MySQL, but with a basic understanding of Javascript or CSS. Our tests can be customised, by you, to meet these needs.

Each language selected comprises a single test. By selecting multiple tests into a bundle, you can test prospective candidates across multiple disciplines, saving you valuable time and money.

Our tests are not simply multiple guess. Every question is a small exercise the user must complete and the results saved for you to inspect.

A timer is begun at the beginning of the test, and is stopped when the candidate hits the complete button. This gives you an indication of how long the test has taken.

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Save your money. QRdvark can provide full coverage Testing of your application build, using the same in-house processes used on our own projects. Testing saves you time and money and reduces total cost of ownership of your application.
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