QR Barcode Formats

QR barcodes can be used to encode more than just chunks of text.

URLs, phone numbers, SMS/MMS, and geo data are all found within QR barcode symbols. These data formats are described by Google and others. Our online QR generator creates these common QR formats:

URL  •  text  •  email  •  SMS/MMS  •  phone

geo  •  contact  •  calendar event

Our generator also encodes the data found in standard barcodes like UPC version A, ISBN-13, GS1-128 and GS1 identification keys. We put these traditional auto ID in QR bar codes through the use of tags. This integrates QR on mobile devices with the existing auto ID and data collection standards and practices used in manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, distribution, and retail workflows. QRdvark understands these tags.

upca  •  upce  •  isbn13  •  issn  •  ean8  •  ean13

jan8  •  jan13  •  gs1-128a  •  gs1-128b  •  gs1-128c

itf14  •  gtin  •  gln  •  giai  •  grai  •  sscc  •  gsin  •  ginc

Please contact us with questions about these formats and tags or if you have applications for their use or suggestions for improvement.