foneFrame cell phone website templatefoneFrame is a mobile framework that creates web pages for smartphones like Android & iPhone. foneFrame displays HTML5, XML, RSS, & SSI files as mobile web pages.

Use foneFrame to quickly wireframe a new mobile site. Edit the underlying CSS style sheet, incorporate other tools like jQuery, Sencha, or Phonegap.

Using foneFrame jumpstarts your mobile development effort by providing a robust framework. Using this as a starting point, other tools like jQuery and Phonegap can be used along with foneFrame, decreasing development time and insuring standards-compliant results.

Creative Commons LicenseThe free version of foneFrame is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0).

foneFrame logoThe full version of foneFrame features additional styles and formatting options, including the ability to publish XML & RSS files as mobile pages. Buy the full version online for only $59.

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The content is in the HTML, the formatting is in the CSS. Sites built with foneFrame separate the content from the presentation. A page’s look and feel can be modified by editing the style sheet, with the page’s content untouched. Users are encouraged to edit the existing styles or create their own.

  • create a wide variety of page styles & formats
  • embed Google Maps & Google Calendars
  • build photo galleries with thumbnail navigation
  • format RSS & XML files as mobile web pages
  • display Server Side Includes (SSI) on smartphones
  • a library of buttons & icons (clear PNG files)
  • metadata & SEO breadcrumbs for search spiders baked right in
  • how-to’s on subdomains, non-HTML5 browser support, & more 03sep11 37,700 bytes
  CRC32: 9a99c58e
  MD5: fada86581280998fd882ec69db6f6a69
  SHA-1: df66311ed7cd4fc4698e2e59c0490441a676b5e9

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