Ever needed to re-index an array from a number that is not zero. Here is a simple helper function to get you through what can be a difficult time. If you simply needed to re-index the array beginning at zero, array_values() is the function you are looking for. If you wish to begin at one or even eighty eight, as in the example below, this is the way to go about it.


 * Function to re-index an array beginning at N
 * @param array $array
 * @param int $start
 * @return @array
function reIndex($start$array)
/*** the end number of keys minus one ***/
$end = ($start+count($array))-1;

/*** the range of numbers to use as keys ***/
$keys range($start$end);

/*** combine the arrays with the new keys and values ***/
return array_combine($keys$array);

/*** an array of native australians ***/
$animals = array("koala""kangaroo""platypus""dingo""wombat""steve irwin""wallaby");

/*** re-index the array ***/
$newArray reIndex(88$animals);

/*** show the new array keys and values ***/
foreach($newArray as $key=>$value)
$key." -- ".$value."<br />";