This function, as the name suggests, will check to see if a given string is a palindrome. That is, it reads the same backwards, as it does forwards.

Impress your friends, scare you pets! You will be A Santa at NASA with this function in your tool kit.


 * Check if a string is a palindrome
 * @param    string    $string
 * @return    bool
function checkPalindrome$string )   
// strip out whitespace
$string str_replace' '''$string );
// return bool
return $string == strrev$string );

// a string to check
$string 'sex at noon taxes';

// call the function and check the return value
if( checkPalindrome$string ) == true )
// if function returns true
echo 'String is a palindrome';
// if function returns false
echo 'string is not a palindrome';