There are exactly 983,292,023,674 thumbnail scripts available on the internet. All do basically the same thing, take an image and resize it to a given size. Here we use a different approach by cutting out the center of the image and using that as a thumbnail. This makes for a more artistic thumbnail however, your mileage may vary if the subject of the image is not central. This may not be such a bad thing as it may pick up some additional aspect of the image, but depending on the image composition, may just pick up a black blob.

/*** image name ***/
$imgSrc "flower.jpg";    

/*** set the size of the thumbnails ***/
$thumb_width 80;
$thumb_height 80;

/*** a new imagick object ***/
$im = new Imagick($imgSrc);

/*** getting the image dimensions ***/
list($width$height) = array_values($im->getImageGeometry());

/*** crop the image ***/

/*** set the header ***/
header"Content-Type: image/{$im->getImageFormat()});

/*** show the thumbnail ***/
echo $im->getImageBlob();
 catch (
Exception $e)