Ever needed to push an item onto an array using associative keys? Well your prayers are answered here with this array_push_assoc() function. You simply need to specify the array and the key and value pair. Care should be taken if the key already exists in the array, it will be over written.

/*** an array of attributes about a dog ***/
$array = array('animal'=>'dog''name'=>'Offenbach''owner'=>'Mr Smith');

/*** add the dogs favourite food to the array ***/
$array array_push_assoc($array'food''postmans leg');

/*** print the array ***/

 * @Push and element onto the end of an array with associative key
 * @param array $array
 * @string $key
 * @mixed $value
 * @return array
function array_push_assoc($array$key$value){
$array[$key] = $value;


This will return the following results

   [animal] => dog
   [name] => Offenbach
   [owner] => Mr Smith
   [food] => postmans leg