Al Bawaba has launched an Arabic Portal that is set to challenge others for market share. With the help of open source software Al Bawaba has introduces simple photo and video sharing with an online community.

The task of formatting urls into Arabic took a little craftiness at the MVC level and with the aid of eZ Components was able to simplify the image manipulation and related tasks. Al Bawaba's CTO, Ammar Ibrahim, has said of eZ Components "[eZ Components] is cleanest/most stable PHP code I have seen to date".

Situated at Sharekna.com the new Arabic portal looks set for a big future with the number of registrations from the Arabic countries, and Arabic communities around the world increasing steadily.

The code base is still a little buggy Ammar admits, but eZ Components was integrated in CodeIgniter as a helper and it became very easy to load (autoload) eZ Components from within CodeIgniter.

The name Sharekna.com was chosen from the Arabic word "sharekna" which translates literally to "Share with us". The name also works well in English for those not fluent in Arabic. The site will provides and excellent community portal for Arabic peoples the world over, and with the PHP eZ Components library behind it, it is sure to be a winner.