The team at eZ Components have been burning the midnight oil and released an Alpha release with many surprises. Changes include modifications to Work Flow, Base, Event Log, and a totally revamped Feed component with many new features, and a new Search Component.

This early release is proposed to be merged with the 2008.1alpha1 release scheduled for Release in May 2008. With the addition of the newly revamped caching system that was reported earlier at QRdvark.com, the new release will provide a feature rich environment to the already flourishing eZ Components library.

The new modifications to the Work Flow component also include a SignalSlot tie-in that is sure to make developers happy who need to customize or extending the workflow engine to couple components.

The Feed component has been totally over-hauled with many additions and optimizations. The new additions have increased support for many feed types including support for ATOM, RSS1 (RDF), RSS2 and includes support for many modules: Content, CreativeCommons, Dublin Core, Geo and iTunes. But wait, there's more, with EventLog component now including optimizations to log rotation.

Also included is group of minor bug fixes and optimizations within the Configuration and Mail components. New inclusions in the eZ Components system include alpha versions of Debug, Template, TemplateTranslationTiein, Translation, Tree and TreeDatabaseTiein components. The new introduce new functionality such as support for stack traces, translatable strings and auto-generated Node IDs, a big plus for enterprise level applications.

Of particular interest is the TemplateTranslationTiein component which ties the Template and Translation packages together making application level translations easily available from the templates.

With all these additions and optimizations, it is easy to see why eZ Components is the choice of component libraries for enterprise level applications.