A revaluation today as a Swedish national, who has traveled back in time, says he can code!

Programmers the world over are gathering in numbers to speak with the man, who calls himself Jan Akesson, in a bid to track the evolutionary process that took the Swedish people to a position where coding was within their capabilities. Added to this is the process of how the Swedes convinced the rest of humanity that they could program.

Mr Akesson has said, in the future, Swedes not only are accepted as rigorous coders, but lead the way is several programming fields. From his future Office in Riksdag, he is inundated on a daily basis for his companies programming expertise.

"The future is a different place" said Mr Akesson, and followed on to say the adage "Swedes Can't Code" has long been forgotten, and that now would be a good time to start adjusting attitudes towards Swedish programmers, as the time is near for a great turn around.

After the failure of the Hello World project, Swedish programmers themselves were given over the likelihood that they would never join even the lowest echelons of the programming ladder.

Mr Akesson says he has no way of returning to his future home, and has taken up residence in his home and will start a new digital agency with the earnings from his forthcoming book on "Programming with Swedes"

In a parting statement Mr Akesson said he looks forward to showing the world the advances the Swedish people have made of the last two hundred thousand years. In the future, Swedes will program, and politicians will be honest and work for the people. A new dawn will soon be upon this planet and there are troubled times ahead, and the world will look to Sweden to gain the programming skills required to see us through.