In a recent article, the programming community was taken by storm at the revelations bought by a Swedish national from the future reports that Swedes, in future times, will be able to code.

A recent finding has proven the story to be farcical.

Mr Jan Akesson, a Swedish national from the future, who bought the story to the public, has been exposed as a fraud. The basis of the story was that the long suffering Swedish programmers will one day be able to code.

A future prime minister, Jan Björklund, a direct descendant of the current Swedish Minister for Education of the same name, has also come back to our times to dispel the rumours begun by Mr Akesson, as they have had negative consequences in the future. Mr Björklund has said "In the future, people are looking towards Sweden for solutions because of the belief that we can code. Nothing could be further from the truth".

In response, Mr Akesson has branded the future Prime Minister as a liberal who "fails to recognize the potential of Swedens promgrmmers". Mr Björklund says he is sympathetic to the plight of Swedish programmers, but at some time they need to grasp the reality that Swedes Can't Code! There are many service positions Swedes can perform adequately to support real programmers" Mr Björklund said without announcing what they were. "I am here to set the future history straight, Swedes can not, in the past, present or future, code.

Regardless of this message, the Gothenburg Programmers Union has vowed to press forward with a new project designed to bring Swedish programmers together in think-tank type environment. Director Björn Granvik's has told QRdvark.com "The future is fluid, written by us, the programmers. We will be writing a new chapter in the tomes of Swedish history".