Over the years, we here at QRdvark.com have been using a light weight framework put together to ease the suffering of the one-size-fits-all frameworks that pollute the PHP space. As time has passed, others have adopted the SKF Framework for thier own, and customer sites. Now, due to popular demand and threats and bribes, we are making this freely available to the public with the aim of further developing the code base with community input. The public is invited to submit patches, improvements etc where they feel they can be made.

So, what makes this framework any different? The ease of creating modules, the ability to use whatever classes you are familiar with, namespace support, and not least, it is a light weight framework. There are no dependencies, you can use whatever libs, db abstractions, mail classes, whatever. The greatest benefit of the SKF Framework is it just works out-of-the-box. No initial configuration is needed to the framework. Drop it in your web root and it just works!

Check it out now https://bitbucket.org/kevinwaterson/skf.