From the inception of PHP there has always been strong documentation in many languages. People from all over the globe were keen to add thier native language to the growing list of translations available. Of course this is a huge task. Now it seems much of this good work could be undone leaving a bare minimum of translations available with little hope for any others to recover.

With the English docs contiually updated many of the translations not currently active could be scrapped, or moved out of sight and out of site. The plan by Philip Olsen was slammed by Derick Rethans and threatened any attempt to kill off any part of the docs would be reverted and sited that no incentive could be gained if the efforts of contributors is not visible.

The docs team is in a state of flux at the moment with a new build system in the making and a few new faces to help with the load. The PHP docs team has been long suffering a shortage of contributors in recent years and some effort is being made to reverse this trend. However, the lack of incentive continues and the internal turmaoil this latest issue brings does little to motivate contributions.

In what the docs team has called Evil Plans, a list of translations facing the chop can be seen on the docs wiki at http://wiki.phpdoc.info/EvilPlans.