Google has announced the final assignments for the 2008 Summer of Code program.

Once again PHP features prominently features in mentoring with some high profile mentors making themselvels available to help mentor PHP related projects. Below is a list of projects that have been accepted for 2008 along with the students and mentors for each.

Zend LLVM Extension
by Joonas Govenius, mentored by Nuno Lopes
PHP Optimizer
by Samuel Graham Kelly IV, mentored by Derick Rethans
PhD Improvements and Updates
by Nicholas Sloan, mentored by Hannes Magnusson
Replace auto* with CMake
by Alejandro Leiva Rojas, mentored by Pierre A. Joye
gsoc:2008 - XDebug
by Chung-Yang Lee, mentored by David Coallier
Rewrite the run-tests.php script
by Cesar Montedonico, mentored by Travis Swicegood
PHP Bindings for Cairo
by Akshat Gupta, mentored by Anant Narayanan
Algorithm Optimizations
by Michal Dziemianko, mentored by Scott MacVicar
PECL, Website Improvements
by Barry Carlyon, mentored by Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson
Implement Unicode into PHP 6
by Henrique do Nascimento Angelo, mentored by Scott MacVicar

Johannes Schlüte, release manager for PHP 5.3 is the GSoC Co-Administrator for PHP in 2008 and is sure to guide the new students on their way.

Catch all the action from Google at http://code.google.com/soc/2008/php/about.html