An article by Noah Fontes is telling users what the problem is with the Internet and what needs to be fixed. Where did it all go wrong and where will Web 2.0 take us?

In his article, Fontes outlines how the Internet has stagnated since 1989 and many of the procedures we deal with today as coders, whatever the language, are still mired in the 90's with no foreseeable way forward.

The article takes the reader on a journey through various web technologies in chronological order and explains the how, why, and where of each. Beginning with the HTML specification, through XMLHTTPRequest (AJAX) and what the issues are with their implementation.

"The good thing about standards, is there are so many of them". You may have heard this as a joke each time an implementation is put forward by browser developers or by content developers. This seemingly endless array of standards has become so mind bogglingly complex that content providers are left second guessing the way to describe their works.

To counter this turgid miasma that now pollutes the web, Fontes postulates a new way forward without the need for clinging on to outdated imperialistic form that now dictates the way we see and transfer information. An outline of several possibilities is put forward on how the web might look if everybody were to embrace some technologies that already exist, and could do away with the hacks that are well know to experienced developers of a languages. Only by adhering to a new model will the web make it to 3.0.

This article is presented in full at http://cynigram.com/articles/The-future-of-the-Web-Why-we-nee.html and recommended to all who have ever needed to hack to get a job done.