Fellow #PHP Efnet entrepeneur HM2K has breathed new life into some outdated tips and tricks that have been floating about for some time. Much of the information was based on PHP4 which has now been all but forgotten except by those resisting updates till PHP6 becomes stable.

Not content with updating the existing bunch of tips and tricks, HM2k has applied himself to the task and included a dollop of his own skills. The additions and updates contain citations from various parts of the web where PHP coders have benchmarked small micro improvements which, when bundled together, can make significant performance increases in PHP applications and scripts.

Among the additions is the use of sprintf over the echo and double quotes. The citation reads that the of sprintf gives a ten times speed improvement over the use of echo and double quotes for variables. Other tips and tricks include OOP, caching, and database connections.

This list really has something for everybody and it is likely that everybody, regardless of skill level, will learn something from it. Check out the goods at http://www.hm2k.com/posts/50-php-optimisation-tips-revisited and see how every PHP script can be optimized that little bit more.