About us

Azalea Software has been creating and selling barcode software since 1992. Originally a spin-off of Aldus, of PageMaker fame, we sell barcode fonts and related software. (Our barcode fonts are bundled with SAP’s Crystal Reports 2008.)

We’ve watched 2D barcodes like QR take hold in Japan and to a lesser degree in other parts of the world. Now that QR has come to the U.S.

We see a uniquely American QR experience evoling. We have ideas about how QR can change the way we use our phones.

QRdvark is our first mobile barcode application. We’ve got an API for a reason. We want to see other people call QRdvark and make magic happen in cell phones. We have some ideas about how QR can be implemented. We’re sure you have some ideas of your own. Let’s talk; there are ways we can help each other.

We’ve released templates for creating mobile pages and RSS feeds formatted for cell phones to help you build mobile pages. Let’s just say that the templates side benefit of other projects we have brewing...

Make a QR or two. Do something fun with it. What are you waiting for?

Jerry, Miranda, Andrea, Muthu, Ben, Paul, & the rest of the gang

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