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QRdvark. The New Way to success. advance. progress.

Our tests cater to developers, IT Recruiting agencies and to businesses who need quality testing of applicants.

We were tired of expensive, low-quality testing. We were tired of unimaginative exercises. We were tired of the status quo. Our mission is simple: to create informative, high-quality testing for our clients, regardless of budget.

We provide quality hands-on tests which require candidates to actually complete exercises. The tests are not limited to multiple choice like many others, although we may use one or two. We want to see if a candidate can do as they claim, and test their level of competency.

There are no right of wrong answers in our tests, only completed exercises, as there may be many solutions to the same task. Based on the candidates level of competency, you are soon able to see their abilities in action.

Customer Support

QRdvark offer support in all countries. Our response times are fast and resolution guaranteed.

Latest Technologies

By using latest testing in the latest technologies, your success is assured.

Used By All

Used develpers, small business, recruiters, and corporations.


Choose your candidate based on solid testing saves you time and money.


Our tests are constantly updated, adding new languages and technologies as they arrive. We update with you.

Not For Profit Development

We offer special deals for Not For Profit organisations with strictly limited budgets. Talk to us!

Who We Are

QRdvark had its humble beginnings providing the programming and PHP community with PHP tutorials, articles and examples of code, later expanding into the Not For Profit web market and later into professional sites. The QRdvark tutorials rank among the worlds finest, and are still made freely available. Not For Profit organisations are still highly regarded and concessions made for strictly low budgets.

Later, it became obvious that quaility developers were in great demand, however, finding them was a difficult process. A resume can make many claims, but only by putting their claims to the test could the right person be found. To this end, we moved into developing hands on testing for PHP, and later into other languages and technologies.