Aadvarks are nocturnal mammels native to Africa. Other names for Aardvarks include anteater, earth hog, earth pig, and Cape anteater.

QRdvark is a free Android barcode applicationAardvark trivia point #1: Aardvark is often the first word in dictionaries.

Aardvark trivia point #2: Aardvarks are the only living species of Tubulidentata.

Diet? Ants and termites, with a side of aardvark cucumbers (a.k.a. aardvark pumpkins) Cucumis humifructus.

No, an Aardvark is not a QRdvark. One's cute and the other is a beast of an app.

Miranda thinks Aardvarks are cute and Jerry has a hard time naming new products. Hence, a product brand name was born.

True story. Hence the logo.